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Bourne, Massachusetts is a very diverse, ridiculous, and interesting place to live. This town consists of villages, Sagamore, Sagamore Beach, Bournedale, Buzzards Bay, Monument Beach, Gray Gables, Cataumet, and Pocasset. It is predominantly white and protestant with scattered Roman Catholics and African-Americans. The School system is alright until you get to Bourne High. BHS turns everyone into a screwed up, cynical druggie. The winters are absolutely brutal creating a ghost town. Nearly everyone in the town succumbs to smoking dope and drinking during the winter to cope with the lack of shit to do. When I say everyone i mean EVERYone. parents and children alike. One of the towns in massachusetts with most Marijuana use per capita. As spring comes about every village becomes inhabited with old people and tourists who take it as their right to deny the year-rounders the liberty of using the beaches and having bonfires. The summer is hot and humid and every village has its niche for the teenagers. Pocasset is bridge jumping, Sagamore beach is beaching, Sagamore is walking to the beach, monument beach is walking to pocasset, Buzzards Bay is being ghetto, and Bournedale is asking their parents to move. Once August comes and the tourists leave and summer is ending is the best time of year for a two week span between touristlessness and school is a freedom of no other. People with the luxury of living in this town take it for granted,
1- It's december what's up in bourne?
2- Smoking dope and drinking

1- It's april what's up in bourne?
2- Kids are getting antsy in their pantsy.

1- It's july whats up in Bourne

1- It's october what's up in bourne
2- Kid's are back in school and hating life.
by qdisciple July 06, 2010

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