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A British car manufacturer that has a reputation of designing and building low quality so-called "Luxury" cars. Jaguars can often be seen with a Reject sticker on the windshield.
1. I saw a guy trying to start his Jaguar, and he couldn't get the engine to turn over for the world!

2. I wouldn't drive a Jaguar even if it was given to me free!
by Qbert October 12, 2004
Phillips CDI.
The other day, I broke out my Phillips CDI (The Last Great Console) game console, and fired up "Hotel Mario", and could not believe what a great system the Phillips CDI was!
by Qbert March 19, 2004
A famous jean company. Lee is second best to Levi's.
I just baught me a new pair of Lee jeans.
by qbert September 24, 2003
A cranky, old, impatient game show host who needs to give it up. He always feels the need to make rude comments to the contestants of the show, and is always rushing them.

I couldn't agree more with Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore when he says, "I hate that Bob Barker".
Bob Barker: This is Bob Barker reminding you to help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered!

Me: Why doesn't someone have you spayed or neutered??
by Qbert June 29, 2005
asterisk is open source PBX software designed for the Linux operating system.

asterisk eliminates the need of buying hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of dedicated PBX hardware.

Aside from Linux, asterisk also runs on various other operating systems, including: BSD, OS X, and now the Windows operating system using "AstWind" package.
Admin: We need a PBX for our organization, but we're kinda low on cash to buy expensive PBX hardware...

Assistant: No problem! Use asterisk, the open source Linux PBX.

Admin: I feel so stupid...
by Qbert February 02, 2005
A band in which their lead singer (Robert Plant) screams like a banshee.
Led Zeppelin I is my favorite Zeppelin album.
by qbert October 03, 2003
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