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48 definitions by qbert

An operating system that destroyed the internet as we know it. When Microsoft introduced Windows 95, they opened the door for the scums of the internet.
Windows is like a Jaguar. They're both high priced, and they're both unreliable.
by Qbert January 21, 2005
As described in the book "Trainspotting," too high on cocaine to have sex.
I want to, but all that skag has made me so damn skaggy-bawed.
by qbert January 18, 2005
Without a doubt, the best free UNIX-like operating system available. NetBSD is known for it's portability, security, and stability. I would even go as far to say NetBSD is even better than OpenBSD. FreeBSD would be a close second to NetBSD. NetBSD is also superior to the UNIX ripoff operating system: "Linux".
Compared to to many distributions of Linux, such as "Slackware", NetBSD is easier to install, is more secure, and is more stable.
by Qbert May 12, 2004
The bastard child of C++ that nobody wants.
Look at that Java written application. It's so slow and resource consuming...
by Qbert June 29, 2005
A slang term for "Let's get out of here!". It can also mean to rape someone.
Guy 1: "Man, Let's fuck this bitch"

Guy 2: "Word, yo"
by Qbert July 05, 2004
A term often used on IRC to refer to a proxy server IP address.
<IRCer1> I'm a load all my flood bots and flood this channel!

*Bots Join Channel*

<IRCer2> Thanks for the gates!
by qbert July 18, 2004
A disease that will eventually kill us all.
"I wish I could eat your cancer when you turn back"
by Qbert January 26, 2004