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By far, the worst city in Pennsylvania. Overrun with hispanics and red necks, the most popular thing to do in this city is hang around the parking lot of Blockbuster, with a rice-burner, and try to pick up pre-teen girls to take back behind the GIANT grocery store dumpter and fuck. Also world reknown for having dirty old priests who molest young boys.
"I've seen better scenery after taking a dump in my toilet than what this city has to offer. I swear, there was more stuff to do in Nagasaki after the bomb hit than in this dilapidated fuck-hole."
by qAaRoN June 30, 2005
Founder in 1970 of the religious pressure group "Moral Majority". Deceased at the age of 73, Jerry Falwell was against abortion, feminism, and homosexuality. Which stands to reason, seeing as how he would never have to experience the pain of child birth, being a man and all. He deemed it impossible to put himself in the shoes of an underage teenage girl who was raped and thought it necessary to have the child brought into a world of crime and disease. Into a world that it never asked to be brought into. Jerry Falwell hated homosexuals, saying that God loves everybody but not them. He would rather take in someone who was truly sorry for murdering hundreds of people than someone who was in love with someone from the same sex. Sounds like quite the God I would want to worship, but thankfully I'm smart enough to know that there is no such thing as God. Feminism was another topic, because if a woman was allowed to speak up, Jerry Falwell was from a generation of alcoholic miners who beat their wives. Quite the winner.

In short, the world is a better place without this piece of shit still living and I laugh at his demise.
Random religious sheep: "Did you hear the news? Jerry Falwell is dead!"

Person with common sense: "I know, isn't it wonderful?!"
by qAaRoN May 22, 2007
(verb) - Jerking off to get sweaty and reduce your fever when you are sick.
My fever was 101.5 an hour ago. Then I did a fever jerk and I'm back down to 98.6.
by qAaRoN December 30, 2005
Inbred capital of the world. Located near hazleton, everyone in Mcadoo is related to one another. Once a year, on a mystic nite, the townsfolk get together in the shit creek & have an inbred orgy of epic proportions.
"I swear, the only place worse than hazleton is this shit-hole."
by qAaRoN June 30, 2005
The remains of pubic hair that is usually found on the bathroom floor after one decides to clip their pubes.
Doug - "Take a shower!"
Andy - "Get a better computer!"
Doug - "Go shoot yourself!"
Andy - "Clip your pubes!"
Doug - "I DID! LOOKIE!"
Andy - "Wow...I can only imagine how many pubic clippings are on your bathroom floor."
by qAaRoN June 30, 2005
Used to describe a variety of different things, including: mass, time, distance, sums, etc.. The prefix of "fo" is added before hand simply because nothing can exceed or be less than such.
Lucy - "Everybody, shut the fuck up! The HNIC will here in fo clips!"

Bystander #1 - "You see that guy's arms?"
Bystander #2 - "Yeah, he must bench press about fo clips!"
by qAaRoN March 25, 2008
After hearing or witnessing something that would normally get a person upset, it is the act of turning the other way and pretending like it never happened.
Guy #1: So...did you hear that Jim knew that girl was being raped and did nothing?

Guy #2: Yeah, he was busy pulling a Joe Paterno.
by qAaRoN July 30, 2012

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