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To make a break with the past or with one's home, in preparation for departure
I've sold my spider and lost my friends
#spiders #depart #suicide #pets #jouney
by q335r49 June 20, 2009
Short for "categorical imperative", Kant's famous term for the foundation of moral philosophy but also applicable more generally, also the name of a small mythical trickster; ie, suggesting the link between "goodness", rigor, etc. and trickery.
"The cat imps of philosophy are constantly shifting."
"This view suggests a new understanding of our cat imp."
#philosophy #morality #kant #categorical imperative #cat #imp
by q335r49 June 18, 2013
To read the synopsis or criticism on wikipedia and watch clips on youtube as a substitute for experiencing a work (movie, tv series, etc) straight through
I just discovered Breaking Bad last night, and it was well worth a wikitubing.

You can't claim to be an expert on Japan because you wikitubed Shogun.
#wikitubing #youtube #wikipedia #spoiler #add
by q335r49 February 01, 2012
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