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48 definitions by q

A bunch of rich kids who think they are above everyone else. They sometimes wear skate shoes, then they dis on skaters. Sometimes go to private school. Hated by everyone except themselves.
Cheerleaders, Jocks, etc.
by q August 02, 2004
9 47
schedule II narcotic from the 60's. the company that made them, maalox, discontinued production after excessive recreational abuse and improved chemicals were developed. Slang name: ludes
by Q October 30, 2003
127 170
Note the hyphen. That's how it's really spelled. Go there for the real defines
by Q May 30, 2004
25 71
is the above poster insane?
uma thurman sexy ugly?
she is beyond sexy, apparently.
my cat would be the best example
by q January 31, 2005
22 80
Someone ugly/dirty
Mikhial is a Custie... lol
by Q November 09, 2003
3 86
A band confused adolescents believe to be death metal. In reality this band plays mallcore.
It's unfortunate that devildriver instead of Kataklysm is opening for Opeth. Let's go get some rocks to throw at them.
by q February 29, 2004
24 214