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Magnetic resonance imaging.
The doctor said I do need an MRI.
by Q February 22, 2005
A F****D-up "religion" in which annoying people knock on your door and talk about their cult. DO NOT SUBMIT TO THEM. Their "religion" disposes of all holidays because they are "satanic" and blames other religions for faults in the world. They believe that they are the true Christians and that everyone else is crazy. (Yeah Right). They also believe that innocent little children going to Sunday School are working for the devil.
Jehovah's Witnesses are MORONS and are to STUPID realize that it is THEM who are working for the devil.
by Q January 15, 2005
as a noun, red ass refers to a person that has a bad temper, as an adjective, red ass describes an angry person (man, that guy has the red ass) and has levels depending on how angry the person is (red ass, red hot ass, red hot chili pepper ass).
Noun: Mike Tyson is a red ass.
Adj: That guy has the red ass.
by Q March 14, 2005
Rude insult. means u c*nt hole. usually said when someone is vex. Guyanese people use it
Cyai yuh mout yuh skunt hole
Shut your mouth you cunt hole
by Q May 08, 2004
African-American, as used by Ralph Ellison in Invisible Man.
"Ridiculous? Hell, all scobos is ridiculous. Who the hell is you?" (page 269, Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, Vintage ed.)
by Q April 05, 2005
A geek with culture and social skillz (as opposed to a nerd). A turdhead may enjoy trivia or tng, but he/she also enjoys hitting the clubs or playing sports.

This is someone you might envy but whose company you enjoy. The negative title brings 'em down to earth so you don't have to.
John Stewart may be the best example these days.

"While Q is a geek, James Bond is most a Turdhead."
by Q August 18, 2004
A person who shoots his own team mates in Multi-Player games for the fun of making others mad.
example: My friend Joe is a Call of Duty Team-killer.
by Q December 07, 2004

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