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Spencer Gifts is a store that sells novelty items, party lighting(disco balls, strobe lights, beacons, lava lamps, etc.), and luv stuff. During halloween Spencers sells some hardcore halloween items.
Guy 1: Hey look theres Spencer Gifts!
Guy 2: Yeah lets go. I'm thinking about getting a lava lamp for my dorm.
by PyromanCJ June 19, 2006
One who redoubles his effort when he has forgotten his aim.
President bush i guess....?
al-queda members are religious fanatics.
Somebody who complies with the definition above.
by pyromanCJ May 12, 2007
Has two meanings:
1. A bar and grill that just opened up around cleveland, oh and probably other places too.
2. A slang name for a whores pussy.
3. Slang term for a graveyard.
1. Joe: You guys wanna go to that new bar and grill called the boneyard?
Jack: Maybe tomarrow.

2. Tofer: Guys I just saw a prostitute gettin picked up...
Surrey: Somebodies gunna tap into a boneyard tonite. (sry i couldn't word this better)

3. Mr. Krabs went to the boneyard to get shmittywarbenmanjenson's hat.
by pyromancj July 18, 2006
A terrible band from the 70s/80s that is sometimes defined as classic rock. They write songs that consists of 3-6 chords for every song. For example, highway to hell only has like 3 chords in it with some guy screaming in an annoying voice. Have songs that are very repetitive in chords/notes. Band that has a annoying and terrible lead singer. Is nowhere near the best band that walked the earth. A completely overrated band with no talent.
Guy 1: Lemme see your ipod.
Guy 2: Here *Gives guy 1 his ipod*
Guy 1: Why are there so many ac/dc albums on here? They suck.
Guy 2: What are you talking about?! Ac/dc is amazing! Its like the best band ever.
Guy 1: What are YOU talking about?! Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd would blow the shit outa ac/dc! They actually have talent. They practically started rock too.
Guy 2: Lemme listen to a song by Led Zeppelin. *listens to stairway to heaven and then time* OMG! I've never heard so many chord and note changes! Wow dude your right. What the hell was I talking about when I said ac/dc is actually good? The singers don't sound like a cat being thrown into an engine during a torture test either!
by pyromanCJ June 26, 2006

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