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Newly founded religion allows you to belive in anything but god.

Better than all the other ones and doesen't need a church
Founder: Ryan Mack

Cofounder:Chris Missler
by pyroman6 April 01, 2005
Makes a good quick present for your girlfreind on the day of her birthday
Person #1:oh man I almost forgot to get somethingfor my girlfreind
Person #2: go to hot topic
Preson #1: hey that's a good idea
by pyroman6 April 02, 2005
The most technical pice of shit in the world dosen't even know the names of most mythlogical creatures
???????????? I hate this thing??????
by pyroman6 April 01, 2005
Traditional scottish dress that is worn by the Mack family on special occasions Ryan mack
St. patties day, or 6th grade graduation.
by pyroman6 April 02, 2005
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