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The basis of measurement for the level or quality of marijuana. The way to rate how dank your weed is. Usually, the danker the weed, the more enjoyable and potent it will be.
Yo man, how's the dankadisity of that weed you smoked?

The weed we smoked last night had a super high dankadisity level!
by pussymaster1000 April 08, 2009
A nickname or slang word for the female reproductive organ, or vagina. Commonly used in New York City.
Dude have you fucked her push vajush?

Damn, that hoe had a fucked up push vajush!!

That chick had the tighetst push vajush ever!!!
by pussymaster1000 April 08, 2009
A Southern California based skateboard company/gang that is very gangster. Each member of the mafia is a gnarly skateboarder, smokes a ton of weed, listens to gangsta/old school hip-hop (eazy- e, NWA), and enjoys fucking bitches and hoes.
Yo man i got a sick new sk8 mafia deck!
by pussymaster1000 April 08, 2009

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