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fresno, california aka the NO, fresyes, or nickel nickel nine(559, the area code), is the 8th largest city in the state and is one of the largest agricultural communities in the nation. although there are some bad things here such as: crime rate(steadily decreasing), air pollution, gangs, and hot summers, there is much more to say about fresno that is positive. the high schools here are exquisite, leading many other cities in both sports and academics, it is in a convenient spot in the san joaquin valley(45 min to the sierra nevada mountains, 2 hours to the coast, 4 hours to disneyland, an hour to 3 national parks, and 3 hours to the bay area), cost of living is relatively low, the residents in most parts of the city are kind, and it's a great place to raise a family. the weather is "bipolar" as my friends and i call it in the winter, spring, or fall, but in the summer the weather stays on relatively the same pattern: 105, 108, 101, usually around there. fresno has a very undeserved reputation for being just about as bad as oakland because freeway 99 runs through downtown and doesnt give a good view of the much better parts of town. fresno state, the local university, has a nice program. there are a few other finishing schools here such as willow international, fresno city college, etc. quite honestly, anybody who doesnt live here has just heard the reputation and they have no credibility when it comes to judging fresno.
bill: dude, im going to fresno over the summer!! im soo stoked!!
mike: youre so lucky!! i wish i would could go the nickel nickel nine!!

angela: did you know carson palmer is from the NO??
sara: really?! the bengals are my favorite team!! dang, fresno is lucky!!

awesome, heat, fresno state, nickel nickel nine
by purpleygirl24 January 02, 2011
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