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The word used to describe red-heads in a derogatory way. Its the red heads nigger, the words are simmiler. They are not crackas or niggers they are gingers.
Black guy: switch the n and the g and your just like me
Ginger: yeah i know
by purplestickypunch88 May 09, 2007
The dance that black and white males do when they realize they are not the daddy of a baby from a whore they slept with twice. This can often be seen on the Maury show when a paternity test is taken. Often the mother says she is 125% sure to 250% the baby is his, but then is shut down as the man performs the baby daddy dance.
Maury: you are not the father
Man: ahhh damn wacth me dance this one out
woman:its lying its not true i was 200% shore

" djew see that guy bust that not the baby daddy dance? yeah he played that one right out.
by purplestickypunch88 May 09, 2007
If you are a woman and had a penis installed by your local mexican or circuit city, you had a peniplasty.
mike: hey jenny why is there a bulge in your pants.
Jenny: uh i had a peniplasty.
Mike: sike dude get that abomintation away from me.
by purplestickypunch88 May 09, 2007

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