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Nigger or pie is a game played where 3 to 5 clues are provided by one person and another person must guess weather the first person is talking about a nigger or pie. Bonus points are given if you can state the profession of the nigger or the type of pie. The original author of this game was purpleacid.
Clue 1: Fruity.
Clue 2: In a school bus.
Clue 3: Gooey on the inside.

Nigger or pie?

Now this example could be taken two ways, either a gay school bus driver or an apple pie. Gay school bus drivers are fruity, drive in school buses, and are quite gooey inside (because of the semem sprayed up their asses.) Apple pie's are fruity (apple=fruit), often seen in lunch boxes in school buses, and are quite gooey inside. Now it could have been taken either way by the author of the clues, but if you guessed pie, you were correct.
by purpleacid March 07, 2005

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