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1. A person who is indirect and instead talks around the subject.

2. A person who often talks about feelings.

3. A person who is perceived to live in a world of their own and often sees the positives in situations.

4. A person who is distracted by a multitude of factors.
1. Person A: " I punched them in the face"
Floaty person: "Do you think that there are other ways of channeling you emotions?"

2. "How does that make you feel?", "Your energy is making me feel ......."

3. " These puddles make it like an exciting obstacle course to get to ....... everyday"

4. "Where's the cheese? Ooooh, do you smell burning? Oh look, there's a cute little dog out side, isn't that lovely."
by purple rhapsody April 30, 2011
1. A person who is in a relaxed and/or confused state of mind.
1. "Am I supposed to be at ........ today? Oooh, I feel a bit floopy" she/he says whilst spinning around in a wheely chair.


"I'm not sure how i'm feeling today"
by Purple rhapsody April 30, 2011

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