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A game in which you attempt to empty out a huge sink full of dishes by pulling dishes out one at a time from the bottom or middle of the pile, attempting to avoid knocking over the whole pile of dishes.
My girlfriend wasn't around, and the sink was overflowing with dishes... so I decided to get drunk and play Sink Jenga.
by purple hayes, boston, ma March 13, 2011
One of those Saturdays when you wake up early, put on some coffee, and fire up your music player in preparation for a day full music "jukeboxing" and personal inspiration. A great way to multitask around the house and accomplish a lot of things. Higher volumes are recommended.
Tomorrow is going to be a Jukebox Saturday. I need to get a lot done around the house, and I also need to sort through some music.
by purple hayes, boston, ma May 14, 2011
A mash-up of the words 'current' and 'correct'. If something is currect, it must be both current and correct.
I was looking for the currect location to find the most up-to-date information on mosquito-borne illnesses.
by purple hayes, boston, ma July 30, 2013
a theory or opinion which differs so drastically from the generally accepted theory or opinion that it can be considered extreme or even laughable.
I heard yet another spinspiracy theory regarding the death of Osama.
by purple hayes, BOSTON, MA May 04, 2011

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