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Slang for 'brother' when pronounced in a cockney accent. Used extensively and to great effect in the 1999 Justin Kerrigan film 'Human Traffic'.
Moff: Nice one bruvah!
Jip: I SAID, Nice one BRUVAH!
Moff: Bruvaaaaaaah!
Jip: F*ck off!
by purerudeboy September 22, 2005
Discarded, half eaten fast food, usually chips/fries or pizza.
Wow, check out all the tramps truffles over there, no-one's going hungry tonight!
by purerudeboy June 22, 2005
Concatenation of the French word "savoir" (to know) and "navigation". Used to describe a route/short-cut as yet untraversed, but which you think could ultimately lead to your desired destination.
Passenger: "Wow! Where are you going, dude? This isn't the way to Mothercare.".
Driver: "I know, but I'm hoping my savigation will get us there, avoiding the traffic lights on Ashley Road!".
by purerudeboy May 11, 2006
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