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4 definitions by pureplaya

n. a dance performed by gay men commonly in the south. See 8 count
Wow! Look at those fucking puks over there jay setting!!!
by pureplaya August 02, 2004
n. a reference to the hand when used for male masturbation.
joey couldn't find a date for Saturday night, so he was left with the five sisters on Palm Street.
by pureplaya August 01, 2004
n. a dance common in the south performed usually by feminine guys but can done by masculine gay guys also
"What you know about the 8 count?" says the feminine dude to the trade dude. "should I do the 8 count before, during of after I whup your ass?!"
by pureplaya August 02, 2004
n. a gay guy that likes to be versatile but is very feminine.
Child please!!! Ain't no way in hell I'm letting a daddy girl climb on top of me
by pureplaya August 01, 2004