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Low life pieces of garbage that reside in the Southern California areas with the area code of 909 and 951. The area code 951 was created the same reason doublewide trailors were made, because even white trash runs out of room.

The trashiest 909ers live in Hemet, Perris, Moreno Valley, Lake Elsinore, Temecula, etc. All of these people drive lifted trucks with dirt bikes (aquired by high interest loans) in the back, have Skin or the latest Freestyle Moto-X brand sticker on the back, a guy driving with a bandana and shitty tattoos in a jersey or wifebeater, a anorexic blond haired slut who has slept with a high percentage of other 909ers (who is a single mom at age 14), and loud music with the windows down at any temperature of the day.

Most of these people know they are worthless compared to the entire populous of the world, but they have a hidden hatred towards the beach cities crowd. They tend to talk shit about people more fortunate to live by the beach due to the higher quality of life, cooler temperatures, and lesser amounts of homeless and people who wreak of filth. The 909ers typically say how nice it is in the 909, and that they would rather live there than in places such as Orange County and Los Angeles. This furthur proves the point that 909ers are completely oblivious to the fact they are less intelligent and completely ignorant when it comes to life, and anything for that matter.

Most 909ers buy big homes for low prices due to lower property values and a shittier way of living. Hemet owners can buy a 3500+ sq ft home for the same price as a townhome in nicer areas; but are surrounded in section 8 housing communities, strip clubs, meth labs, prostitutes, hot trash, poverty, and overall disgusting situations.

909ers have to travel outside the 909 to have decent healthcare services, cooler temperatures, better schools for their children, and the ability to breathe without a respirator.
909er: You live in Orange County?

Normal Person: Why, yes I do

909er: Temecula is SOO much nicer than Orange County

Normal Person: You are a complete loser, and stop trying to steal my wallet, you piece of garbage. Go back to your meth lab in Hemet
by punkt71 July 11, 2008
The meaning of this word in German means intelligent, good looking, tough, well endowed genitalia, and overall quality in everything.

History pre-dates this word to the time when Christopher Columbus fell asleep at the wheel of his ship and a man by the name of Jonathan L. Gutcheon navigated the vessel to discover America; hence the discovery of America is because of a Gutcheon.

Also, it is a known fact that George Clooney's original name is Gutcheon. He changed it to Clooney because he lost a bet playing Yahtzee one night.
Wow, you are really good looking and smart.. the perfect catch. You are such a Gutcheon !
by punkt71 July 11, 2008

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