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The definition of straight edge is a set of guidelines established in the 1980's in Washington D.C., by a band called Minor Threat, a punk band that created the "straight edge" movement. Ian Mackaye was one of the founding fathers in this movement. Minor Threat's song "Straight Edge," really opened the eyes of young people. Straight Edge is a set of guidelines, not rules, that focuses on refraining from casual sex, drug use and drinking. This was very popular in the 1980's, and soon began to spread around the United States and is still being practiced to this day. You can usually tell that a person is "straight edge" by a large visible X on either attire or body. Many people will claim to be straight edge, but don't be fooled. Many people that are truly "straight edge" don't go around bragging about it.
Friend: Hey dude, want to be an average teenager with us and come smoke, drink, and/or have sex with random people at this rad party I heard about?

You: No thanks, I'm straight edge. Don't you see the ridiculously large X on my hand that I drew on myself in english class today?

Friend: Oh yeah. Whatever.
by punkrockbz March 26, 2008

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