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The quality of being so uneducated, you can't even say the word 'uneducated' without screwing it up.
Billy was so unjucated, he couldn't even dress himself.
by punkie078 November 13, 2004
Another word used for picnic, possibly misspelled by one unjucated rancidpencil. At a pinic, one might eat lanch at a park.
"*le gasp* Let's go have a pinic!"
by punkie078 December 01, 2004
The quality of being unable to decide on something.
Chrissy couldn't decide whether to wear her pink thong or her black one. Chrissy is indecisive.
by punkie078 November 17, 2004
The act of cleaning one's brother's semen from a computer desk.
"Eww! Today I had to wipe my brother's cumoff my computer desk!"
by punkie078 November 17, 2004
Acronym for Jerk/Jick in Training Trainer. The one who takes over this position must be the ultimate jerk/jick.
Ashley is the JITT, because she counts herself twice, in the circle.
by punkie078 October 05, 2005
Unjucated folks like rancidpencil might accidentally spell <3 this way, after eating some lanch.

A insulting way of expressing one's love towards kafwin.
"Bwen, I -3 you."
"Kafwin, I -3 you too."
by punkie078 December 04, 2004
A jick is a jerk mixed with a dick or prick.
Ashley can't count. She's such a jick.
by punkie078 October 05, 2005
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