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Sunday Nights in Port St. Lucie, FL @ 9pm. Dedicated to Local Artists and cheap beer. (Such as the popular "hipster" drink of choice, PBR.) 1-2 live bands followed by dance music (80's/Indie/Pop).

The Original location for Pizzazz Sundays was Whiskey J's. After about one month the owner got fed up with all the "Trashy Punk Rock Kids" so it was moved to O'Malley's. Where it still lives to this day.
"Are you going to Pizzazz tomorrow night?"

"Our band is playing Pizzazz next week, you're going right?"

"Dude you should have been at Pizzazz last night. This fat guy got shit faced and pissed himself in front of everyone."
by punkass23 February 24, 2010

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