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Most revoulutinary martial artists in a very long time. Extremely intellegent. One of the only martial artists in his time to search for new and better ways of fighting rather then be casuth up by traditiononal ways. One of the reasons he was hated by so many other martial artists of his time. He re-invented the fighting movie by giving the more realistic fights and portrayed his philosophies of fighting/life in them. Died at an early age. Despite what some people say (like ????'s defintion which is completly wrong btw) he died from a cerbal adema which is a swelling of the brain. The casue is unknown but there are many theroies. Bruce Lee was and still is the greastest fighter ever. Also my role model =)

???? you got it all wrong stop listning to rumors and telling them like there fact!
Bruce Lee is, by far, the greastests martial artists ever.
by Punk November 12, 2003
a person who raids someone of their rectum (gives it to someone up the ass)
the rectumraider shoved his dick so hard into the girls ass he made her bleed
by punk January 07, 2003
A replacement word for broken or wrecked.
1. Fuck, i shouldn't have driven my car over that cliff. Now its cunted.

2. I left my paper hat collection out in the rain last night and now its cunted.
by PUNK April 07, 2005
homosexual oriented music
Dude, the Cure is all about meat cigars
by Punk May 10, 2003
A word used to describe an action of misfortune.
1. Alex: Dicky boned some rankslut
James: Hammered

2. Alex: The cops just busted my ass for feltching in public
James: Hammered
by PUNK April 07, 2005
Damn I Never Knew
D.I.N.K. — baby got back!
by punk November 11, 2003
not very known even by towns bordering it such as norwalk, wich is probobly good for them. filled with stuck up adults, or adults who play beirut, not beer pong, along side their children. a shitty house right on south avenue with no proptery will sell for 4 million, like it was a great deal. the adults go to many coctail parties and fund raises, were they say they are suporters, yet it is really a compatition with the woman about who looks more anerexic. the teenagers cant wait to get out, and have nothing better to do then spend their parents money on drugs and alcohol, wich is to our benafit. if you arent a collor popper, you arent aproved of by many adults of the comunuity, thats a reasong why you will see alot of black in this town. be prepared to b bored out of your mind in this town!
new canaan and its people suck
by punk April 12, 2005

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