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Stands for 'out of sight out of mind'
guy1: What happened to your ex?

guy2: Dunno, thankfully she's OOSOOM.
by punch!uation November 22, 2010
english slang for someone who is bipolar or someone who has mood swings.
she is such a bipolaroid, she's happy one minute then she's throwing plates across the room!
by punch!uation December 12, 2010
A phrased used for when you are totally chilled doing fuck all.
"Hey, what ya up 2?"

"meh, just lazin like a rasin."
by punch!uation October 27, 2009
Stellarvision- what are considered by most to be the best programmes on TV.
*phone rings*


"yo, dude wassup!!!"

"nuthin much just watching NCIS."

"nice choice."

"well you know me man, i only watch stellarvision."
by punch!uation October 22, 2009
JIC- just in case. A jiccy is a 'just in case' sort of person.
"Wow, you've brought everything along for this camping trip."

"well you can never be too sure"

"man, you are such a jiccy!"
by punch!uation October 22, 2009
A game where you think of 2 different animals and mix them together to make a new one and thus cleverly giving it a name which consists of half of one animals name and half of the other.
"dude wouldnt it be sweet if a kangaroo and a hamster could mate?"

"yeh, like, it'd be be called a hamaroo!"

animalgamation is awesome...
by punch!uation October 21, 2009
a girl that loves to put song lyrics as their facebook status
Amy: i love the way you lie ♥
Sarah: amy you are such a lyrichick...
by punch!uation November 22, 2010
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