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A man possessing a penis so large it causes internal bleeding, vaginal and anal lacerations, pelvic crushing, ruined sheets, shattered dreams of motherhood, and permently leaves a woman smiling funny.
Jenny: Do you know what blood-type Beth is?
Vicky: No, why?
Jenny: I heard Josh fed her the dong-a-saurus rex and now she needs a transfusion.
by pumpkin escobar October 21, 2005
A person of Mexican heritage that crossed the Rio Grande when the bed was dry.
Border patrol #1: Did you see that?!
Border Patrol #2: Fuck! That goddamn sand belly slithered across the Rio like a python with it's ass on fire.
by pumpkin escobar October 20, 2005
When a male gets extremely intoxicated; to the point that he is wearing nothing but a sock on his genitals.
"I went to a party this past weekend and got Sock Dick Wasted. "
by Pumpkin Escobar October 07, 2012
A group of lesbians or feminists that plot the downfall of all male with a tenacity of a wolverine mother protecting her cubs.
Joey: What the fuck is wrong with those dykes?
Bob: Didn't you know they are part of the pink mafia.
by pumpkin escobar October 21, 2005

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