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A pet name for someone with whom you would like to cuddle and/or DTR.
I can't wait to see my shnuckums.
by pumpkin April 18, 2005
TWID: Thats What I Do
BB:your so cute
SN:well, TWID
by pumpkin March 22, 2005
Something infinitely interesting.
Could you show me dear.. Something I've not seen.. Something infinitely interesting..
by pumpkin October 14, 2004
The most beautiful person in the world. My wonderwall.
I love you too, hunny bunny.
by pumpkin October 09, 2004
peach: nichole plesha the best g/f ever
nikki you such a peach
by pumpkin March 22, 2005
Good looking; Looking good; One to drool over; looks like a playa
My baby is sofa-king googly, I want him to come over every day.
by Pumpkin February 26, 2004

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