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Many men envy this elusive type of chub (erection). While attaining a 1/2 or even 3/4 chub is a well respected achievement, the Harry Potter Chub is a holy grail in the eyes of a man. The reference to Harry Potter is a nod to the Platform 9 and 3/4 as initially seen in the book. Such an erection, thus, goes beyond the normal realm of chubs. When a man surpasses the half chub with ease, a Harry Potter Chub is likely to arouse, while mysteriously skipping past all numbers in between.

To attain such a desirable chub, a man is usually subject to seeing an extremely attractive woman and/or objects such as HBT, jeeps, beer, colorado, sandwiches etc. This certain chub can cause pants to tighten and young children to scream. Use caution.
Also known as the HP chub or the Ron Jeremy Chub (RJ chub), who subsequently has a 9 and 3/4 inch penis at full girth. It's not a coincidence.
Mike: Hey have you seen any hotties lately?
Jeff: Yeah, there was this really hot chick in my accounting class. She was giving me a solid Harry Potter Chub.

Mike: Skeet skeet!

Jeff: Why are both our dicks so big, Mike?
Mike: We have been blessed by Hagrid!
by pudslapp48 November 02, 2010
It refers to that which is not a real person. The finest of all Creighton dwellers. Although IT is not a real person, it teases men greatly. One commonly encounters it basking in the sails of Abricrombie and Fitch, listening to John Mayer, buying hummus, not getting in violent activities, or sporting a sunhat at a Jason Mraz concert. It's interests includes organic foods, white objects, organic foods, Boulder, lattes, and the Beatles.
Mike: dude I just saw HBT again.
Pud: no way, where did you see that thing?

HBT: Jessica! I was freshening up my wardrobe at Banana Republic. 80 thread count cotton tank tops were on sale. I needed to modernize my knickerbockers and later get a fresh garden salad.
by pudslapp48 December 06, 2010
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