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3 definitions by pud69

A white Australian/ references to Captain cook being the first white australian.
Abo: Gimme a moke you captaincook cunt!
by pud69 December 20, 2010
A housemate that remains on your couch with only movements to fill his enlarging belly with your beer..

Its not worth attempting to gain the best seat in the house as imminent danger to life occurs if you provoke the beast as they save their energy to strike any attempt to dislodge them from their position.
Man.. Simon is a Psycho sloth, i poked him with a stick to see if he was alive still and he smashed me lightning quick!
by Pud69 December 17, 2010
An boong (aboriginal) hooker. Performs sexual acts in exchange for many types of payment. (cash, paint, glue etc). Normally cheap due to the chance of Blue waffle.
I think Simon has a Boongker fetish
by Pud69 December 17, 2010