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Any old or uncool person who memorizes as may words as he/she can, hoping someone will think that person is cool, but its to far a stretch and it doesn't work.
God, he only says "badonkandonk" about 6 times an hour. He's such an Urban dickasaurus.
by Pud'n Tain November 14, 2006
That area at the bottom of the hole in an outhouse directly under most peoples asses where most of the crap hits.
I dropped my bic lighter in the outhouse last night. If it hadn't landed in the drop zone I'd have fished it out.
by Pud'n Tain November 14, 2010
When lots of people use the same outhouse every day in cold weather the crap piles up directly under the drop zone and freezes from the bottom up. If left unchecked the pile stacks higher and higher until it emerges up out of the hole as a semi free form mass resembling a big brown birthday cake complete with white rosettes and brightly colored candles. At some point someone must push it over so the universe can march forward as it is intended to do.
Dickson, those ass holes down in Accounting are starting to get out of hand. You need to go down there and "push over the pyramid." Text me when its done, I’ll be in Cabo.
by pud'n tain November 14, 2010

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