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A group of Chicago teenage girls. The acronym tGG stands for Tha Gangsta Girls. This is a group of trend-setting teens. They are not just an ordinary everyday highschool clique. tGG goes on annual trips and weekly outings. They organize events weekly also. Followinq the crowd is not what they do ; they are the crowd . The group has its own modeling beareau with a distinct logo. The logo you may see at the end of their photos , was ginuinely designed describinq who and what they are .Most of the girls are models, but it is not a requirement in the group to be a model. Their nicknames relate to food. EX: skittles, bubblegum, cupacke, m&ms, oreo, peaches, icecream etc. - They're not just a clique , however they are a comittee . Girls cominq from all over the city of chicaqo come toqether as one . In unison , they do a variety of thinqs that include helpinq thereselves and other citizens of in which they reside . It's a movement. ESt.2004
I saw tGG on their annual group trip. They were in Florida at Disney World. It looks like they were having lots of fun!
by publiSHNOWW August 23, 2009

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