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to tell someone your leaving.
aight yall, im kickin the shoe
by Pua July 28, 2004
kif..obtained from marijuana..you can achieve making or getting kif many of ways...expensive and cheap. there are many levels of kif. and many people kif different parts of the plant. some kif buds some the sugar leafs that are cut off before selling...kif is then used to lace your bowl, smoke plain, or to make different types of hash. one ways is by by putting it into a kif press...and boom hash..but don't get caught with kif..it is a big nono...it is a manufactured drug...think about it.
damn that kif really kicks me in the ass.
by pua December 19, 2004
pua means "flower" in Hawaiian..some Polynesian give that for a name.
PUA.. get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich...and where'd you get them shoes.
by pua December 19, 2004

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