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To be grouped/raped both physically and mentally by a person in public, especially by a TSA member
guy 1: so I was the bouncer last night at that club
guy 2: oy yah how was it?
Guy 1: it was ok but their was this 1 girl that REALLY wanting in on the party...
guy 2: so...
guy 1: I TSAed her just to make sure she was properly searched

*wink wink :)
by ptonyanxfan January 10, 2011
(Keésiv) *elongate the E for better effect*
The Hebrew word for money, or Jew gold
Usually used to refer to a rich greedy person
Berni Madolff has a lot of Kesive
by Ptonyanxfan January 11, 2011
A fat man with large man boobs esp one how is stupid, annoying and eats at McDonalds
your such a fatty McFat tits:
by ptonyanxfan January 10, 2011

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