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1)f-word-ing nasty. 2) Fuggin' nasty.
The grease dumpster behind McDonalds be FNASTY twofold.
by PTchi July 09, 2005
A sound art derived from accidentally coming upon a broken electronic device and then frontin' like you know how it works as you close-mic it in a museum.

When used as a verb, it often means the opposite of circuit bending, i.e. to denote success in repairing something technical. 'When my car smoked, I had to circuit bend the motherfucker to get it running again, fuckin stayed up all night doin' it too.'
Q: "Say, does June of 44 do circuit bending?"
A: "Naw, don't think so, but I heard they had a broken Super Reverb."
by ptchi November 16, 2005
1) a corruption of the cascode topology in designing electronics circuits.

2) used by underground electronics designers to specify a circuit that was meant to be a cascode but sounds a lot more fugged up and crunk if it's not made right.
I was trying to make a cascode for this pirate FM transmitter, but I got the circuit all fucked around backwards, so I just made a cascrode instead. No rotten milk on the airwaves, but sure feels good to wank some Jimi through it.
by ptchi November 16, 2005

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