2 definitions by psyndrome

To strike out looking to end a game. Stemming from the 2006 NLCS when Carlos Beltran was struck out on a nasty curveball by Adam Wainwright. This has come to be defined as when you are hitting on a member of the opposite sex and basically have nothing to say (usually involves a lot of alcohol)
I tried not to pull a beltran when talking to her, but no words were coming out of my mouth.
by psyndrome February 25, 2008
To drop your iPhone in a way that the screen cracks like a spiderweb design
A week after making fun of her for dropping her phone and breaking the glass, I bethanied my iPhone, now everyone makes fun of me. And of course Apple wants to charge me full price for a new one because it's "accidental breakage"
by psyndrome December 23, 2010

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