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3 definitions by psyco jello

The mini-bus the the window lickers go in everyday. Usually has helpers inside the sit the retards down, they are known as Monkey Guiders.
Another day passes by, as another Monkey Bus rolls past, with dribble hanging out of window.

Hey!!!! If you don't shut your mouth, you'll be riding the Monkey Bus to work!!!
by psyco jello September 12, 2006
A shortened word for spastic
Hey, i think your a right spako, go hang around with the other spako's.
by psyco jello September 11, 2006

Two, usually elderly, women riding a tandem bicycle who are also lesbians. Usually found on country roads and parks.
Person 1: "Why are you out of breath?"

Person 2: "We threw some eggs at a dykecycle and ran away."

Person 1: "Good, I hate dykecyclists with their baking and poetry... Fuckin' dykes."
by psyco jello December 01, 2008