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while "grip" sometimes denotates a specific amount of money ($10G), it is also an expression with pimps, hustlers and gangsters for any large amount of money one is holding on to ('grip') and not letting go of except in an emergency (posting bail, paying damages, getting out of town, etc). This is known in the square world as "prudent reserve" (3 to 6 months living expenses).
youngsta: "I want to get some sick-ass'd rims for my ride!"
OG: "You betta hold on to your cheddah! You gots to stack your grip, young brotha!"
by psychosufi May 01, 2010
Clorox is a brandname for bleach. This term describes either people who are white or who think/act like they are white. (coined by rap group Public Enemy)
"Some perpetrate, they drink Clorox
Attack the Black, because I know they lack exact
The cold facts, and still they try to Xerox"

-"Don't Believe the Hype" (from the Public Enemy 1988 album "It Takes a Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back")
by psychosufi May 14, 2011
A dot is a person of one race who lives within a community or society of another race, most commonly African-Americans who live amongst White people ("black dots"). There are also Asians ("yellow dots"), Native Americans ("red dots") and Latinos ("brown dots"). There are also white dots who are caucasians who live in non-white communities.
Man! That Sharice sure likes to act white!
Yo, she can't help it, she grew up a dot (race).
by psychosufi September 23, 2010
Slang for Samoan, respectfully used because Samoans frequently refer to one another as "niggas" and traditionally they used outrigger canoes as a primary mode of transporation.
Don't worry 'bout gettin' into the club. The bouncers are my outrigga niggaz!
by psychosufi March 19, 2011
A fictional derrogatory name that is used to address people of European Jewish extract, esp. when they are behaving in a stereotypical manner.
Rabbi Goldbergmanstein on the phone here wants to know if he can get a second discount considering the fact that he has another copy of the same coupon...
by psychosufi November 30, 2010

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