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Verb, adjective, noun, adverb, and interjection all in one. It means something is very puffy, usually hair.
Verb- She flooshed my hair!
Adj- Her hair is so flooshed.
Noun- Rocking the floosh nancy!
Adv- Everyone flooshly did their hair
Interjection- FLOOSH MY BALLS!
by psychokillerinyourbed April 29, 2012
The best last name you could possobly obtain. Is very fun to say and make fun of. The name "Glowatch" comes from british culture. People with this name tend to speak in british accents, despite not being born there. Tends to be blonde and walks into glass doors frequently. That is a very common trait amoung them.
Guy: Hey, did you hear about Glowatch?
Other Guy: Does her/his watch glow in the dark?
Guy: probably. The name IS glow-watch.
by Psychokillerinyourbed April 29, 2012

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