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The term Dumm-yatt is frequently used in Scotland . It is the Scottish equivalent of Mong , Mongo , Dumb ass . It is used to describe someone stupid. Dumm-yatt can also be used to describe someone who fails at life.
Example 1

Person 1 : “aww damn I just dropped my hot dog!”
Person2: “you're sucha Dumm-yatt!”

Example 2

Person1 : “ I failed my math test”

Person2 “what score did you get?

Person1 “ three percent”

Person2 “omg you Dumm-yatt!”
by psychocandypsycho November 16, 2011
The word nom can be used in many different ways ,

It can be used to describe food for example marshmallows are nom. It can be used to describe someone who is so cute you want to eat them , for example Jamiekins is nom . Nom is also the sound some people make when eating .
You're so nom!

Mmmmm nom! marshmallows -drools- omnomnom!!
by psychocandypsycho November 19, 2011

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