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Tachi is a word derived from a name that was given to a leader. This leader ended up running his own village into the ground and caused such great chaos in previous battles that it has become nothing more than an insult or a slang term in usage to describe someone of another ethnic background in a disrespectful manner. The man is in some circles real but because of the fact he was a supposid ninja leader there is a lot of mystery clouded around the idea of if he has ever been real.

The common ways to say it now have been changed into many things revolving around homosexuality as an insult because this male when alive was also heavily into homosexuality and open about it. Thus the termage has come to be something along the lines listed below with more direct descriptions on how it has been used locally. I'm only posting this because I see no one else has.

1. Old British male
2. A homosexual who has an inate urge to receive semen regularly.
3. A declaration of ones stupidity.
4. A flaming flat noob dick.
5. Commonly used as a remark on someones attitude in a disrespectful manner.
6. in reference to a dirty female sexual organ. Commonly cut down to the word Tach
1. John isn't from ireland he is a Tachi
2. That Tachi can't keep himself out of the glory hole in the mens bathroom.
3. Come on you can't be that tachi can you?
4. Shut up Tachi!
5. You're such a Tachi I swear to god.
6. I wouldn't bro I think she has a Tach'
by psudonyminous January 05, 2011

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