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A group that widely gets confused with otherkin.
While actual otherkin believe to be reincarted beings such as animals or an entity another plane of existence
The Otakukin believe they are reincarnted Anime or manga characters , regardless of when the the said anime was made they none the less think its real..even if it was made after they were born -.-....
In conclusion...
Otherkin -possible to some extent-
Otakukin -Psychos who delve to far into a show and believe they ARE from that show... -
DON'T confuse the 2 or mix them into one ugly definition... Roleplayers foul up the real otherkin community
-Hey jim over theres otherkin.
*whats that?
-Well he was a wolf in his past life.
*ahh ok.
*otakukin enters chatroom*
otakukin: Hi huys guess what... Im just like you I have been reincarted I think O.o...
otherkin 1: what do you feel you are?
otakukin: well I was watching thin anime show and then when I went to sleep this inuyasha character CALLED ME!!
otherkin 2: pfft go away -.-...
otherkin 1: yes leave..
otakukin: but I !....
*kicked from chatroom*
by psion53 July 04, 2005
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