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Tits that are big enough so that a guy can tit-fuck a girl and still get his penis into her mouth at the same time.
Did you see the pair of blowjob tits on that girl?
by psedge February 27, 2008
An Italian girl with big breasts.
Angela is cute, but Maria is a Titalian.
by psedge February 28, 2008
A color of red, usually describing nail polish, that is meant to look sexy and attractive.
Do you see the girl with the Fuck Me Red nail polish?
by psedge February 27, 2008
When Barack Obama has a sexual relationship with someone other than his wife.
Did you hear about the Obamaffair with the teenage intern?
by psedge February 27, 2008
When an older guy has sex with younger girl - even if she isn't pretty - just to say he can still get younger chicks.
Yeah, she was just an age fuck, that's all. She meant nothing to me.
by psedge February 27, 2008

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