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3 definitions by psablo

"Jim enthusiastically explains his experience in an attempt to get others to share in his bliss; he's a blisswisher."
by psablo April 06, 2009
All the more zot, but cooler.
The blisswisher's infectiousness was way zot.
by psablo April 06, 2009
An expression of enthusiasm made (especially by high mountain athletes) when the action at hand (or ski or wheel) was accomplished with panache.

Comes, of course, from the comic strip "B.C." and then mutated by a notorious Wasatach mountain man into the form of expressive enthusiasm.

See also, "Way Zot!"
"Zot," he cried as the buttery garlic melted - al dente - from the first bite out of the pan.
by psablo April 06, 2009