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When a particularly ugly girl tries to give you a hand-job while you're soft /without boner. This usually doesn't result in ejaculation, and when it does it hurts like a burning hell. Usually done against the man's will.
That ugly bitch gave me a sloppy caterpillar!
by proudyellowman March 12, 2011
When you walk up to a hot hollywood girl, or celebrity, from behind and ask them out, or hit on them. They then quickly turn around in an upward spiraling motion, slapping you in the face with their large (obviously fake) bosom.
Hey, dude, while you were in L.A. did you ask any hot girls out?

Yeah, I found like 3! But all of them gave me the HollyWood Rejection.
by proudyellowman March 27, 2011
The effect of a new version of a product being released by apple that is no better than the previous one. Everybody freaks out thinking, "HOLY SHIT, IT'S NEW AND IT'S MADE BY APPLE! LET'S GET IT!" People are oblivious to it being no better than the cheaper version already out.
HOLY SHIT BOB! IPAD... 2! It's got a camera, and like, that's the only new feature. My iPad sucks. I WANNA IPAD2 NOW!

That's totally you being taken over by The Apple Effect...
by proudyellowman April 26, 2011
When a woman's vagina is flaming, and resembles a cooking quesadilla. This is also when a Mexican consumes a quesadilla on fire, it usually results in death and ejaculation.
DAMN! I had this STD, and it gave me a flaming quesadilla!

Mexican: So how'd your brother die??
Other Mexican: He ate a flaming quesadilla, jizzed and died.
by proudyellowman March 12, 2011
When either two lesbians, or a guy and a girl get together and finger fuck in ice cold conditions. This can be done in the snow, in an igloo, or just outside when it's really fucking cold. You may also use an actual fishing pole, if the size of the bitch's craw allows.
Alaskan: Hey babe! Let's go Eskimo Ice Fishing in my igloo!
Alaskan babe: Sure, I've got a huge craw, we can use a fishing pole!
by proudyellowman March 12, 2011
A vagina, or taco, that is toxic. Usually ridden with multiple STDs, it's very gross, and is similar to muff cabbage. Also anything from Taco Bell, or Taco Bueno.
Damn! That whore had a really toxic taco!
by proudyellowman March 12, 2011
The act of jizzing into a girl's throat while giving you a blow job, or a dude if that's your speed (wink wink), and having them choke. The choking, and struggling to breath sounds much like Darth Vader.
Dude! I jizzed into Charlie Sheen's mouth, and he totally went all Darth Vader.
by proudyellowman April 02, 2011

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