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People who hail from a group of 7000+ islands in Southeast Asia called the Republic of the Philippines.

Are considered Asians due to geographical location, yet Pacific Islanders due to cultural characteristics.

Though there are MANY stereotypes such as: short, lazy, rice-lovers, flat-nosed, poor, rich, cocky, etc. Don't believe what you hear or instantly think it is the truth. Just like any other race, there are short people, tall people, dark-skinned, lighter-toned, smaller eyed, big eyed, lazy, hard-working, rich, poor, middle class. They are just like any other race when it comes to characteristics. The Filipinos in america are stereotyped as "ballers" and "gangsters". But like any other race, there are people who dress different ways! Just because a Filipino wears Nike dunks doesn't mean they all do! (Not that that's a bad thing). But, people need to STOP discriminating and hating on them, or anyone else for that matter. They're just people, and should be treated as such.

Just people a lot of Filipinos are "flat nosed", doesn't mean ALL of them are. And just because a lot of them are short, again, doesn't mean ALL of them are. I'm just trying to make a point not to stereotype people. It's not nice.

Filipinos have a rich culture that is very family oriented. We all love and care for one another, and have a huge amount of respect for our elders. There are a few customs and greetings that would show a sign of respect upon meeting someone, such as a "mano" which is when one holds another person's(typically elder) person's hand to their forehand. This is a sign of great respect. However, this gesture isn't often seen as much in the US, but some Filipinos still uphold that tradition. Often, if not also giving "mano", we kiss the cheek of our elder/aunt/uncle/parents upon greeting them. This is also a sign of respect that is very common, which is used more often in the States than the "mano" gesture.

Filipinos often speak "Taglish", which is slang, basically meaning we mix English with our native Tagalog. This isn't because we have "broken English" or whatever. That's a lie. It's because speaking Taglish is fun and helps us understand what the other is trying to say because for example, we do not have a word for "computer." So we say "computer." Speaking Taglish also helps others who don't speak fluent English or fluent Tagalog understand what we are saying.

Tagalog is NOT the only native language spoken in the Philippines. Actually, it is a descendant of many different dialects from the different regions and provinces in the Philippine islands.

We love big parties with music and lots of food and socializing(sometimes even, the latest gossip). We can be a loud bunch, who know how to have fun and are proud of who we are. Many of us are hardworking(back to the stereotypes), but like any other people, a few can be lazy(I think I am in that category, lol).

The Filipino people have a wide variety of dishes not found anywhere else which some people say is fattening, but so good! Yes, rice is our staple, but it's our way of protein and completing every meal. It's not a Filipino meal without it. I don't want to start another stereotype, but a common characteristic upon entering a Filipino household is being fed, and being fed well :) It is a crime to our nanays(mothers) if you leave our home hungry!

Filipinos can be cheezy(this is not an insult!), but that's what makes us fun. But hey, who isn't? Everyone is a little cheezy sometimes, right? We know how to have fun, and can make the best of times.

The majority of Filipinos are of the Roman Catholic Christian faith. Some, however, have broken off into smaller denominations and some of the natives in the southern parts are of Islam. However, whatever their faith, do NOT mess with a Filipino. They'll smack you with tsinelas(house slippers), so don't do it!

The reason you find a lot of Filipinos in the medical field isn't because we're poor, couldn't find another job, or whatever other excuse you heard. It's cause we're DAMN GOOD at it! We are intelligent enough to brave the fields of medicine, and are compassionate enough to care for others. That's why there are a lot of Filipino doctors, RNs, and such.

We aren't cocky. Just DAMN PROUD of who we are, humble, caring, yet stand firm and believe in ourselves, and our faith, just as other cultures should be. That's what makes us a great people.
Friend's dad: "Oh my goodness! That was the BEST spaghetti I've ever eaten! Who would've thought to put hotdogs and cheese in spaghetti?"

Filipina: "Thank you! It is the Filipino twist to an Italian favorite!"

Person 1: "What are you? Are you Asian? Korean? Japanese? Chinese?"

Person 2: "Actually, I am Filipino."

Person 1: "Cool."

P.S. I am only part Filipino. Actually, not even half. Born in the PI, yet have many backgrounds majorly Spanish, German, Danish, and Irish. I was brought up mostly in the states but with a good core of strong values based on a strong Catholic faith. My life centers on Filipino culture including my mom's delicious adobo and steamed rice. Though my blood lines are only a small percentage of Filipino, I AM a Filipino and PROUD! :) I love my country and my culture and I most certainly love my people!
by proudmutt August 25, 2009

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