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A specific denomination of Atheism in which the followers believe nothing wthout any form of reputable logic behind it.

Name derived from its creator (named Francis).

Francism has been placed under the section marked 'religion' on Census froms in the past. Just like Buddhism, Francism is considered to be an Atheist religion.

Followers are referred to as Francists.
Person 1: Do you believe in god?
Person 2: No.
Person 1: Wait, do you have a religion?
Person 2: Yes.
Person 1: Oh. So you do have a god.
Person 2: No.
Person 1: What the hell kind of religion has no god?
Person 2: Francism.
by proudimagineer October 08, 2011
Believer in Francism, a specific denomination of Atheism.

Name comes from creator (named Francis).
Person 1: Yo man what religion do you label yourself with, yo?
Person 2: I'm Francist. Now please leave me alone.
by proudimagineer October 08, 2011
Francis Lawlor is a reputable wit-mecca who paid vast sums of money to the directors of Urban Dictionary to have this definition published here.
Francis Lawlor is class.
by proudimagineer October 09, 2011
To be sexist, racist, anti-semetic, sectarianist, ageist and every other adjective used to describe some form of discrimination.

All of these adjectives are contained within this word, no fewer.

Name derived from the 1980s/90s extra-terrestrial sitcom character.

Commonly used as an insult.
Person 1: Have you noticed how discriminatory Stephen has been towards everyone lately?
Person 2: Yeah. Let's call him Alf.
by proudimagineer October 08, 2011
A positive adjective used to describe something which epitomises excellence.

An acronym meaning 'please acknowledge present excellent representation'.

An expression commonly used by those of the Francist community.
Person 1: I watched Alien last night. I never realised how strong and independent a woman Sigourney Weaver is.
Person 2: Oh man. She's so paper.
by proudimagineer October 09, 2011
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