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1 definition by proud smoggie

Middlesbrough is an industrial town in the North-East of England it is full of drugs, prostitutes, thieving little cunts, illegal immagrints, and PARMOS!!!!!! Middlesbrough has the highest teen pregnancy rate in Europe well done kids!! it is supposed to be the easiest place in the country to buy cocaine and herroin but i don't belive that. Middlesbrough is the 7th wort place to live in Britain statistically just because it has the highest car stealing figures in the country doesn't make it a bad place!! There are some nice places but they are slowly becoming shitholes like the rest of the town. All in all if you want to buy cheap drugs freely and easily have a good cheap night with a prostitute have your car knicked and get mugged by smack head come to Middlesbrough!! PROUD SMOGGIE:D:D
Want to buy sum Charlie
Come to Middlesbrough
by proud smoggie March 14, 2007