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ok yeah, i hate when people say cheerleading is not a sport and its just a little kiddy one. have you ever been to a real cheerleading competitonn? seen videoos on youtube? seen pictures? try being those bases, backspotter, nd flyer. i am a flyer nd i know what i am talking about. you need balance flexibilty braveness nd trust. the competitons make you wanna pee yhur pants. what if i dont remember the 3 mintue route i have to remember?! what if i drop a stunt?! what if i fall out of a stunt nd get hurt?! cheerleading is a lot of competing nd you can get injured bad. falling out of a stunt with nobody catching you. sound scary? having a girl fall on yhur head. sounds like it hurts? doing a tumble wrong nd falling on yhur face. sounds like a few broken bones? nd more so next time you thiink cheerleading is a little kiddy sport look up "cheerleading" on youtube or google. nd if you still think so try it one time then youll get the giss. kthanksbye!
guy:ew cheerleading isnt a sport
*people go up in a stunt then 360 down*
guy: dang nevermind!
by proud cheeerleader February 04, 2009

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