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A place for people to get a good deal on many things that are necessary for a good life. Yes there are some things that can be fixed, like in any large company, but it's a work in progress. Wal-Mart is based out of Bentonville, AR. The first store however is based in Rogers, AR. The health care is good for their employees & their families. They take care of their employees very well. Yes it does take over some of the small town mom & pop shops but at the same time they help these people and communities out.
I buy just about everything at Wal-Mart if I can. There are a few times that I have to go to other places to get certain things.

If you have such a problem with Wal-Mart then don't shop there. Nobody is making you shop there. I've found that the main reason that people bash Wal-Mart is because they are very successful & good at making things affordable to everyone.
by proud Wal-Mart supporter March 10, 2009

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