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A female best friend
Jean has been my breastfriend since high school.
by proffessor010 September 07, 2010
A male best friend.
Hey Jane, have you meet my besticle Josh?
by proffessor010 September 07, 2010
The unclear language one speaks when yawning
Adam: Gosh am so tired!
Becca: I know, you've been speaking yawnese all night.
by proffessor010 October 13, 2010
A poop that sneaks up on you when least expected!
Man 1: oh! (runs)
Man 2: Where is he going?
Man 3: Bathroom. That was a ninja poop.
by proffessor010 March 31, 2011
When a cheating girlfriend bitches and moans about stupid things to force a breakup
John: dude, I dont know what's wrong with Sherry, it's as if she likes nothing anymore.

Jake: dude, i think she has the whoremoans. I saw her with Richard a couple days ago!
by proffessor010 April 19, 2011
A high five from a distance, usually affected by the presence of obstacles that separate both high-fiving parties.
there were five people sitting between me and Jim so we had to Wi-Five
by proffessor010 September 10, 2010
Facebook friend
A: how long have you know Cheryl?
B: Three months maybe. Idk, we're just FBFs.
by proffessor010 October 18, 2010

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