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- The feeling between waking and dreaming.
- The tood is grammatically used as a PLACE eg,
"Last night i had no worries and was jus feelin good for no reasen; man i was in the tood"

- A place in time where one feels good and forgets all other worries. Much like enlightenment except without the understanding; it is a more simple form of pure satisfaction and happiness.
- Reachin " the tood™ " can be done in many different ways, sometimes through just having everything just right in your life at a given point, sometimes using recreational substances, sometimes when listening to a really good song or music it is different for every person.
" i woke up this morning and the sunshine hurt my eyes " - an example of been in the tood.

"sometimes in life u feel the fight is over" - as above

" everybody lets put your hands together and be in the tood tnite"
by professor shakin bickerton October 12, 2004
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