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A machine on the ceiling used to move air or heat down to where the person is standing. It can also help cut energy costs by 40% in the winter and 10% in the summer.
I want to cut my energy costs by buying a ceiling fan.
by Private March 19, 2005
A Giant Behemoth
Types of Dinosaurs i rember: T-Rex... Raptor... Thats it.
The Giant T-Rex swung its 100 million-year-old paw at Jeff.
Jeff pulled out an M16 and fired at full-auto.
Jefff kills T-Rex.
by Private November 07, 2003
A symbol that is used at the end of a sentence
a question
by Private October 22, 2003
2 symbols used at the end and the begining of a word/sentece/paragrph
Something hidden
by Private October 22, 2003
A Man with the upper body of a horse, and the lower body of a hosre
Greek Mytholgy
by Private October 25, 2003
A TV Show about the MAFIA...
"This has WAY to much nudity" Says Jeff
"Indeed" Aggres Bob
by Private November 07, 2003
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